Frequently Asked Questions

Can you meet me with the car at ....?
Yes, we are happy to bring the car to you.  Charges may apply so check out our services page for details.
Can I bring my dog?
Sorry, no dogs allowed.  Or cats!  Or any pets for that matter.
Can I do the NC500 in one day?
Technically yes, you probably could but you’d miss out on visiting places and you’d be well over the daily mileage allowance!  If you just want to do a day trip check out the RDTRIPS page for some great ideas.
Is the car insured or do I have to provide my own insurance?
We provide fully comprehensive insurance.
Do you provide breakdown cover?
All cars have breakdown cover.  Before you set off, you will be given details of this as well as an emergency contact number to let us know if you are having any problems.
What if I have an accident?
You’ll be provided with emergency contact details before you set off, however, the main thing to do will be to call us and let us take it from there.
What about fuel?
Cars are supplied with a full tank of fuel and we ask that they be returned in the same way.  If you are hiring from our base near Grantown on Spey then you can fill up in Grantown before you drop the car off.
Are there any restrictions on who can hire?
Yes, the easiest thing to do is to check out our Terms and Conditions page.
Can two of us drive?
yes, we can add an additional driver for £25, provided they meet the requirements listed in our Terms and Conditions.
Can I use the car for a track day / time trial / drag racing / pace setting / off road?
This one is dead simple!  No.
I'd like to tour the Highlands in my own car. Can I still use your trip planning services?
Absolutely, contact us and we can take it from there.

Any other questions?



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